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About Greg Hanson

Greg HansonGreg Hanson is a featured contributor to PowerPoint4Preaching.com. Greg is a freelance writer and an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church, currently pastoring Sunrise Wesleyan Church in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He also operates a membership site here.

Sunrise was planted by Greg and his wife (Shera) in 2002. Previously, he had served in churches in Nova Scotia and South Dakota. Greg has been using PowerPoint in his preaching since 1998.

Greg's formal theological training took place at Bethany Bible College in Sussex, NB, a school noted for its practical, hands-on training emphasis.

Greg has been married to Shera since 1998. They have two sons: Nathaniel (2008) and Noah (2010).

Greg's featured contributions to PowerPoint4Preaching.com include:

Answering Objections

Christian Living

God In the Media (widescreen)

The Holy Spirit (widescreen)

Mish-Mash (widescreen)

Sermon On the Mount

Tough Times

Who Is Jesus? (widescreen)

Who Is Jesus? (eBook - epub and PDF formats)

Complete Widescreen Collection


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