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Series: Answering Objections

A 13-part series exploring many of the objections people raise against the Bible, the identity of Jesus, and the existence of God. All messages prepared by Greg Hanson, who has been using PowerPoint as a communication tool since 1998. Comes with complete manuscripts, bulletin inserts, and PowerPoint presentations. Messages include...

  • Faith Has Its Reasons
  • Isn't the Bible Just a Work of Fiction?
  • The Troubling Parts of the Bible (slavery, violence, contradictions)
  • Lost In Translation (The accurate preservation of the New Testament through the centuries)
  • The Lost Books of the Bible? (The Gnostic writings)
  • Obstacles to Belief In the Resurrection (Easter)
  • Didn't Christian Beliefs about Jesus Come From Paganism? (Examines the popular theory promoted by the Zeitgiest film)
  • How Do I Know Jesus Ever Even Existed?
  • The Exclusive Claim of Jesus (How can He be the only way when there are so many other religions in the world?)
  • Why Should I Believe God Exists?
  • More Reasons to Believe God Exists
  • Why Shouldn't I Believe God Exists?
  • God Loves You; Everyone Else Thinks You're a Jerk

Total of 13 message manuscripts, bulletin inserts and PowerPoint presentations.

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