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About Us

"What technological advance of this generation is having the greatest impact on the North American Sunday morning worship experience?" 

If you were to ask that question in churches today, the responses would certainly include the almost universal use of personal computers as well as the Internet. And while those technologies have definitely changed how we do church work and prepare sermons, the technology that has done the most in changing the look of worship has to be the new affordability of digital or video projectors.

For most preachers, seminary didn’t offer courses in PowerPoint. And most of us preach in our own church every Sunday, so we can’t get to the big church down the street to see what they are doing with PowerPoint. But now you can see how it has been done in the privacy of your own study.  PowerPoint4Preaching can help you make that transition to preaching visually enhanced sermons.

Each sermon collection on P4P contains quality messages and the corresponding PowerPoint Presentations. It may be the best investment you can make!



PowerPoint4Preaching.com is committed to providing quality PowerPoint Sermon presentations
for pastors to use and adapt to minister in their unique settings.