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What People are Saying

"Powerpoint4Preaching messages and PowerPoint presentations are great! The quality of the presentations is first class and the messages are Biblically based truth that never shies away from controversial topic. Great Stuff!"
Steve Schwartzkopf, Senior Pastor
Monument Wesleyan Church

"I have used the PowerPoint4Preaching on several occasions as “sermon kindling”, to get the creative preaching fires burning. I have also used PP4P on weeks when I am just too busy counseling, visiting, budgeting, etc...to prepare a message. They have been a lifesaver for me in the ministry."
Pastor Ken Shady
Grand Haven Gospel Chapel

"PowerPoint4Preaching provide me with a comprehensive range of meaningful slides that enhances and compliments my weekly sermons at a great price."
Jonathan Stanfield
Senior Pastor – Port St. Mary Baptist Church

"Well researched, educational, inspirational, as well as entertaining. Pastor Guptill's PowerPoint sermons transcend denominational lines and can be modified to fit the speakers style. A real lifesaver when time is a factor in sermon and PowerPoint preparation."
Kenneth Green\Administrative Pastor
FGT Ministries

"I have used your powerpoint presentations quite a bit since I bought them. The powerpoints are eye catching and my congregation has given me a lot of positive feedback since I started using them."
Rev. Ray Austin
Indianapolis, IN

"Denn's PowerPoint messages are FRESH and REAL! The sermons are RELEVANT and the POWERPOINT portion will reach out and GRAB you. Denn understands that the more of our five senses we use in worship, the more opportunity the Holy Spirit has to TOUCH and soften our hearts and REVEAL the risen Christ to us. In short, Denn's PowerPoint messages are a BLESSING to all who hear/see/touch them. Preach on!"
Danny Presswood


PowerPoint4Preaching.com is committed to providing quality PowerPoint Sermon presentations
for pastors to use and adapt to minister in their unique settings.