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About Denn Guptill

Denn GuptillDenn Guptill is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church. He has been a local church pastor since 1983, ministering in New York, Atlantic Canada, and Brisbane, Australia. Presently he is the pastor at the church he planted in 1995 in Bedford, Nova Scotia. Cornerstone Wesleyan Church has been using PowerPoint in their worship service since 1998.

Primarily, Denn is a preacher and his sermons can be viewed for free on Sermon Central. But he is also a contributing author for the following periodicals: Atlantic Boating News, Ocean Resources, Natural Gas and Energy, Saltscapes and Power Boating Canada. Plus, he has had articles published in the Wesleyan Advocate and Australian Wesleyan.

Over the past four years Denn has provided sermons and PowerPoint resources to pastors in 31 countries and teaches basic PowerPoint techniques at Bethany Bible College in the course “Models of Public Ministry.”

Denn has been married to Angela for twenty-two years. Denn and Angela are the parents of two teenaged children and are the owners of a hundred and forty pound Great Dane and two kittens.

A Note from Denn...

After spending 27 years in the preaching ministry, I realize that the average person sitting in the pews of our churches has no idea about the amount of work that goes into a sermon. I'm sure that many people suspect a message is simply thrown together an hour before the service. Hopefully it isn't.

I hope my sermons will help percolate the creative process in your sermon preparation. I remember the frustration of my early years in the ministry when inspiration seemed to remain just out of reach. If you have to preach one of these sermons verbatim, remember your wife's name is not Angela, your children are not Stephen and Deborah, and you probably never worked as a fisherman on Canada's east coast. Other than that that, God bless and good luck.


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