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Series: The Greatest Sermon in History (The Sermon on the Mount)

Based on the words of Jesus found in Matthew 5-7. All messages prepared by Greg Hanson, who has been using PowerPoint as a communication tool since 1998. Receive 22 sermons including complete manuscripts, bulletin inserts, and PowerPoint presentations. Then adapt for use in your own setting. Sermon titles include...

  • Once Upon a Hill
  • God Bless You
  • Matters of the Heart
  • Hang On for Heaven
  • Pass the Salt and Turn on the Light
  • The Spirit of the Law
  • Restoring Broken Relationships
  • The Naked Truth about Lust
  • Protecting Your Marriage
  • Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
  • How Do I Cope with My Adversary?
  • Love My Enemy? Are You Nuts?
  • Doing the Right Thing the Right Way
  • A Primer on Prayer
  • Fasting for Spiritual Growth
  • Storing Up Treasures in Heaven
  • Don't Worry, Trust Jesus
  • To Judge or Not to Judge
  • The Prayer Promises of God
  • The Great Divide
  • Beneath the Surface
  • A Firm Foundation

Total of 22 message manuscripts, bulletin inserts and PowerPoint presentations.

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