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Answering Objections to the Bible
Volume 1 of the Answering Objections ebook series
Format: ePub, 176 pages (in horizontal configuration on the iPad)
2012 Greg Hanson

Answering Objections to the Bible eBook

Discover reasonable answers to twelve common objections raised against the validity of the Christian Scriptures. This is volume one of a planned five-part series.

The complete Answering Objections series will include:

Volume 1 - Answering Objections to the Bible
Volume 2 - Answering Objections to Jesus (expected in February 2012)
Volume 3 - Answering Objections to the Resurrection (expected in March 2012)
Volume 4 - Answering Objections to the Existence of God (expected in September 2012)
Volume 5 - Answering Objections to the Church (expected in January 2013)

Answering Objections to the Bible includes the following chapters:

    • From the Author

Section A - Answering Objections to the Bible

  • The Importance of the Bible in Christianity
  • Objection 1: The Bible Is Just a Work of Fiction
  • Objection 2: Archaeology Has Disproven the Bible
  • Objection 3: Surely You Can't Take the Bible Literally
  • Objection 4: The Bible Is Immoral Because It Endorses Slavery
  • Objection 5: The Old Testament Endorsed the Slaughter of an Entire Civilization
  • Objection 6: The Bible Is Full of Contradictions
  • Objection 7: The New Testament Was Compiled by Church Councils in the 4th Century
  • Objection 8: The Bible Has Been Altered or Corrupted Through the Centuries
  • Objection 9: The Bible Today Does Not Resemble What Was Originally Written
  • Objection 10: The New Testament Is Just a Random Collection of Ancient Books
  • Objection 11: There's No Reason to Believe All the New Testament Books Belong
  • Objection 12: There Were Other Gospels About Jesus--the Gnostic Gospels--That Were Either Lost or Hidden by the Church
  • Epilogue

Section B - The Answering Objections Series

  • Rational Answers to Reasonable Questions
  • Why Should Christians Seek Answers for the Questions Skeptics Raise?

Section C - Additional Resources

  • About the Author
  • For Further Study
  • Answering Objections Products

This ePub requires a reader capable of opening ePub files.

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